Laboratory tests

Testing in range of accreditation



The laboratories provide accredited research services in accordance with the scope of Ministry of National Defence accreditation (WCNJiK 19/MON/2023 scope and WCNJiK 20/MON/2023 – scope) and the Polish Centre for Accreditation (AB 295 and AB 296). We also received the recognition of Polish Register of Shipping.

We carry out tests for the purpose of product certification (OiB Act, EU Directives – CE marking, requirements of classification societies: PRS, DNV GL). We also provide design testing services to verify equipment properties at the stage of conceptual and model works.

The quality of research results and independence is guaranteed by the implemented management system compliant with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025. The Company’s laboratories have a modern and technologically advanced research infrastructure, which is being developed with the support of EU grants.




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